Top 15 Christmas rap songs

Top 15 Christmas rap songs

Hip Hop and Christmas is not the association that comes to mind at first. Indeed, rap has a rather rough and raw image generally speaking. And Christmas songs tend to be soft and fairy, even childish or religious in some cases. Yet as a Christian holiday, Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world, and we also know that religion has an important place in the American culture and particularly African-American. Some rappers have therefore tried to make a Christmas song, each with their own style, sometimes goofy, sometimes more gangsta and sometimes more serious.

Most of the time they are only singles made for the occasion, with a rather commercial will, and are rarely integrated to albums. We already know that, apart from a few exceptions, Christmas rap songs are rarely classics or great successes. They are rather goofy songs on the theme of humor or with a concept slightly diverted from the magic of the usual holiday.

On the occasion of the favorite holiday of the children, we are going to return on 15 rap songs on the Christmas theme:

15. Ho Ho Ho (Dirty Christmas), Ying Yang Twins (2014)


The revival of the fat Crunk of the Ying Yang Twins as they know how to do it so well in a Christmas version. You had to dare! This will be in the category of goofy Christmas songs.

14. All I Really Want for Christmas, Lil Jon (2018)


Same venue, same vibe, the father of Crunk returns in 2018 with a rockin’ Christmas song.

13. Dana Dane Is Coming To Town, Dana Dane (1987)


Released on the Christmas Rap compilation, Slick Rick’s comedic friend also tried his hand with a big drum machine that were a bit orchestral, or theatrical. It works.

12. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, DMX (2012)


With his big, deep, rocky voice, DMX made us his Christmas song in 2012 with the theme of our dear friend Rudolph.

11. Ghostface Xmas, Ghostface Killah (2008)


Ghostface is not known for his childish and fairy bells, and even for his Christmas song, he will not break the rule, with a song that finally seems a little too rhythmic for the chosen theme.

10. Ballin’ On X-Mas, Jim Jones (2006)


Released on the compilation/mixtape A Dispet X-Mas, Jim Jones is one of the few to have dared to release a complete album on the Christmas theme. We won’t retain much of the overall album but this song Ballin On X-Mas works quite well in the Dipset style.

9. Christmas In Da Ghetto, C-Murder & Master P (1994)


The label No Limit also released their Christmas compilation West Coast Bad Boyz: High Fo Xmas. This song is actually quite well done and respects the Christmas theme with its chorus.

8. Ludacrismas, Ludacris (2007)


We all know Ludacris is a comedian, and he doesn’t deviate from the rule with punchlines like “Just because I’m poor they always call me a faker / And ’cause my Christmas tree decorated in toilet paper”. Funny.

7. Cold Chillin’ Christmas, Juice Crew (1988)


The Juice Crew celebrated Christmas with the whole gang in a seemingly quiet and cold party.

6. Christmas Rappin, Kurtis Blow (1979)


Probably the first Christmas song in rap, and it’s not surprising that it was one of the pioneers that did it, Kurtis Blow. And his song is finally very successful with a funky side.

5. Christmas In Harlem, Kanye West (2010)


Kanye West gathered some of his friends for his Christmas song for a rather solemn song with a nice sung chorus. One of the few to have taken the exercise a little more seriously.

4. Merry Muthaf****n’ Xmas, Eazy-E (1992)


Muthafuckin is probably the most quoted phrase by Eazy-E, and even his Christmas song is no exception. He takes the refrain of Jingle Bells in a rather ironic way, but the song is finally rather successful

3. Player’s Ball (Christmas Version), Outkast


Player’s Ball is one of the most famous songs from Outkast’s debut, and one of their biggest hits. But in fact the song was first released on the compilation A LaFace Family Christmas in a Christmas version before being released on their first album. Terribly effective!

2. Christmas In Hollis, Run–D.M.C. (1987)


Released on the compilation A Very Special Christmas containing a variety of genres, Christmas In Hollis is undoubtedly one of the most famous Christmas songs in rap. Indeed, their interpretation is perfect with a song with rock sounds as usual of the group. One of the best rap Christmas songs in history.

1. Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto, Snoop Dogg (1996)


Released on the Christmas on Death Row compilation, Snoop Dogg reunited some of his crew with Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Tray Dee and Bad Azz for a song featuring a nice funky bass and a baritone chorus from Nate Dogg. They take turns to share their Christmas memories in a humorous tone. Excellent.

Merry Christmas !

See you in the comment section for your favorite Hip Hop Christmas songs!

By Grégoire Zasa

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