Bugsy H., the birth of Mosaic Rap?

Bugsy H., the birth of Mosaic Rap?

Young artist from Boston, Bugsy H. has already released several independent projects. With his pen and his style, it’s a return to the roots, to the Hip Hop of the 90s, he offers us. Self-taught artist, he learned to rap by listening to the greatest, accompanied by his mentor Stephen Route to structure the songs.

Having discovered rap with the classics of the 90s, namely Dr Dre, Nas or Wu-Tang, his influences are strongly felt in his music, but yet, Bugsy H. offers a style all his own. Rather far from the current rap trends, he has a real will to make us discover his own musical palette with a touch that is his own.

From Cuban and Peruvian descent, can we compare him to his counterparts of the rap game of the same origins like Immortal Technique, Fat Joe or Big Pun? To a certain extent, we could answer yes. The lyrical talent of Immortal Technique is nearby, with an ability to align efficient and clever punchlines, even if the source of inspiration is not direct. We also find the conscious aspect of the Peruvian rapper, but less radical and less controversial with a darker side. The resemblance with the flow of Fat Joe, even if not striking at first sight, can also be analyzed. Bugsy H. drops his rhymes with a raw and tough flow, with an imposing posture behind the microphone. The almost perfect enunciation with an excellent control of his breathing are part of the undeniable qualities of the rapper.

In his similarities with some of his counterparts, Bugsy H. does not propose a raw copy-paste. It would be horribly and unfairly reductive to easily compare him to his predecessors. If the sources of inspiration are certain, his style and his trademark are just as much. The Boston rapper has his own personality, especially the horrorcore aspect with a well dosed dose of drama and melancholy, amplified by the energy released in the flow and the salient lyrics.

Bugsy H.

It’s the icon phenom who’s armed with magic wands digging platinum artists out they grave then body them on songs I don’t even need a feature he a piece of shit could be the reason why I be so quick to season on how I shred they ass all to pieces RIP they turn to solo tracks attack peep us, seen how I freak it? So you rock the cleats or scream from bleachers?

In an overall dark atmosphere, the production always brings a diversity in the sounds and the chosen instruments. His latest album Sabato is the best example. When the intro track, Blood Den, provokes a disturbing stupor, leaving us in a state of terror, the following track, Blood Grout, will comfort us with its shivering melancholy with that sweet female voice sung in the background.

On its side, La Hacienda plunges us in an austere atmosphere with dull and anguishing noises. The horrorcore brings out the drama of the song in a freezing atmosphere worthy of Czarface. Perishable strikes by its melodic sweetness, strongly enhanced by a marked flow creating an interesting contrast. The violin of Obstacles 2 offers a beautiful melancholic and lyrical break, while keeping this dark and emotional side, with a handsome scratched chorus.

Bugsy H.

Sabato is a giant mosaic of words thoughts and emotion, it’s Mosaic Rap

Sabato is an album that has a lot to offer by a very talented and passionate rapper. An album that communicates a lot of emotions, both in the lyrics and in the productions. Emotions that are further embellished by the clerically sung back-vocals. Album that he describes himself as a giant mosaic of words, thoughts and emotions. Would he be the pioneer of a new sub-genre of Hip Hop, the Mosaic Rap?

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By Grégoire Zasa

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